Packr Premium offers a TripIt integration to make your life easier.

How to connect Packr to TripIt?

From the home page, tap on the Add Trip button. Then tap on the TripIt icon at the top right to connect Packr to TripIt.

I do not see the TripIt button

The TripIt button can be hidden from the Settings. From the home page, tap on the menu button at the top left, then on Settings. Scroll down and toggle the switch next to Show TripIt Button.

Will Packr mess up my upcoming trips on TripIt?

No, Packr only retrieves data from your TripIt account, but does not make any additions/modifications/deletions. Your TripIt account is safe!

Log-in issues

Using a Facebook / Yahoo / Google account to log-in to TripIt

If your TripIt account has no password, because you usually log-in using another provider's account, you need to manually set a password for your account. Visit TripIt Account>Change Password page to set a new password.

Does Packr handle multi-destination trips with TripIt?

Unfortunately Packr can only create single destination trips when retrieving your next TripIt trips. We are planning TripIt multi-destination trips for a future update.

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