Family mode (multi-travelers)
Family mode, introduced in 2019, enables adding several travelers to the same trip. This long awaited feature will help you adding family members to a trip.
When packing for an entire family, it is often necessary to have separate lists for each family member. This is especially need when traveling with children.

When creating a trip, tap the family icon
at the top right when the app requests you to Select Activities & Lists.
Adding travelers

To add travelers to an existing trip, first tap on the trip from the home page to display the packing list, then tap the options button °°° at the top right. Then select Edit Activities & Lists and follow the instructions above.

After adding one or more travelers to your trip, you can select activities and lists for each of them by tapping their name in the Select Activities & Lists view. Tap the name of your spouse, kid or baby and tap on required lists for each family member.
Selecting lists for each traveler
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